Stechanka Village


The village of Stechanka has been known since the beginning of the 17th century. According to legend, the village was founded by one of the representatives of the Stetskikh family. The village was named after its founder.

The village was the ancient administrative, cultural and religious center of this region. In the 1800s there were two wooden churches. Firstly an old, very dilapidated one. It was built in 1634 according to the inscription on the iconostasis. Secondly the new church with bell tower, constructed in 1855. The old church was demolished in 1860, the new one was destroyed during the Soviet times.

Not only Orthodox, but also Catholics lived in the village of Stechanka, in 1886 there were 556 Orthodox, 53 Catholics, and 50 Jews. The population of the village in the middle of the 20th century was about 1,200 people. Stechanka had a school, a theater, shops, library and even a maternity hospital.

After the disaster
Evacuation of the village took place on May 4, 1986. A week after the disaster. The population of Stechanka village was resettled in the village of Paskovschina.

The village partially burned down in the middle of the 1990s due to forest fires. Today there are only a few buildings left. At the entrance of the village you can see the ‘Наша гордость’ sign, translated ’Our Pride’. Also you can still see the monument to the ‘Great Patriotic War’.

  • The entrance to the forgotten village.
  • ‘Наша гордость’ sign, translated ’Our Pride’.
  • monument of the ‘Great Patriotic War’.
  • The old bus stop.
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