Pripyat City Hospital № 126

Припять Городская больница МСЧ-126

Pripyat City Hospital № 126 was once a busy hospital on the outskirts of the city. It’s located on Druzhby Narodov street, next to the first micro district. The hospital wing is part of several health care related complex named МСЧ-126.

On the roof of the hospital a sign reads: Health of the Nation – the Country’s Wealth. The hospital had 410 beds. The clinics and outpatient buildings are spread out across several interconnected buildings. Complex МСЧ-126 had also a Morgue, Maternity Ward, Infectious disease Ward and a Dental Clinic.

During the disaster

It was here, where on the night of the Chernobyl disaster at the nearby Nuclear Power Plant, many firefighters and workers were initially treated. In the aftermath of the accident, 237 people suffered from acute radiation sickness. 28 died according to World Health Organisation’s 2006 report, within the first three months. The victims were mostly fireman and rescue workers. Their clothes still remain in the hospital basement, too contaminated to be moved. Later patients were flown to Moscow, who had the only hospital in the Soviet Union to treat radiation injuries.

Tools, medical instruments and documents were left in a mess everywhere. Radiation levels here are high, the basement of the hospital is considered the most dangerous place in Pripyat. The hospital was abandoned the days after the disaster. It was no longer possible to work in an environment with that much radioactivity inside.

  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Health of the Nation – the country’s wealth.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Facade of the main hospital wing.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Waiting room.
  • Resuscitation room.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Hospital chair.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Room 10 in Pripyat City Hospital № 126.
  • Radioactive chamber pots.
  • Announcements and referrals.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    The hospital canteen, with a piano on stage.
  • Decaying artwork on the canteen wall
    Decaying artwork on the canteen wall.
  • Central hallway of the abandoned hospital
    Central hallway of the abandoned hospital.
  • War veterans room
    War veterans room.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Operating Theater.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Patient information.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126.
  • A Soviet newspaper
    A Soviet newspaper with Lenin on the frontpage.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    First aid room.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Abandoned patient room..
  • Examination room.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Pripyat City Hospital.
  • профсоюзная жизнь
    Union Life: профсоюзная жизнь.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    Bathroom in City Hospital мсч-126.
  • Examination chair
    Examination chair.
  • Decay sets in
    Decay sets in.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    во имя жизни, the donor action In the Name of Life.
  • Pripyat City Hospital № 126
    The abandoned hospital in pripyat.
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