Pripyat Dental Clinic

Стоматологическая поликлиника Припять

This is the Pripyat Dental Clinic, any kind of dental treatment was carried out here. People of the city went to the dentist here, but also oral medicine and surgery was performed. The building also housed a dental laboratory.

The city of Pripyat has a large block of health related buildings. It was a rather extensive and multifunctional complex, which included many branches of medicine, including dentistry. The complex is called МСЧ-126 and has several buildings including a hospital, infectious disease clinic, maternity ward, mortuary and this dental clinic on Entuziastov Street 14.

The laboratories were stuffed with casting materials, artificial teeth and prosthetics. The archives contained dental records of all residents of Pripyat.

The building was abandoned after the evacuation of Pripyat, one day after the Chernobyl disaster took place.

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